LindaPage art and illustration

Work in progress

Ariel view of the Midland

Ariadne Oliver's 1933 Riley

Mondrian Midland

Poirot's Departure

Odysseus and Nausica

Captain Hasting's Lagonda

Midland Reflections

Poirot Revisited

Tropical Midland

Christmas at The Midland

The Midland Entrance

The Poirot Years

Midland in Grey

Midland Seahorses

Vintage Midland

Renovation begins

Neapolitan Midland

The Midland at Dusk

The Midland, late summer

The Midland, late afternoon

The Midland Hotel Rotunda

The Midland Hotel in blue

Old Triton, The Midland staircase

The Midland


Man on the stairs

The Midland at Christmas

The Midland Hotel at Sundown

The Midland at sunset

the staircase